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Rev. Sh. R.B.Kishore and Dear Shri V. C. Jain & ALL PENSIONERS -

Through this mail I wish to point out one specific Clause 2.4 DOMICILIARY
HOSPITALISATION BENEFIT and Note thereto which is:

" When treatment such as Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy etc. is taken
in the Hospital/Nursing Home and the insured is discharged
on the same day, the treatment will be considered to be taken under
Hospitalisation Benefit Section.

But a rider has been added i.e.


The above has been brought to our notice by one of our members whose wife
is on dialysis. It is obvious that since number of such patients on dialysis
or Chemotherapy/
Radiotherapy is very small, the actual pinch has not been felt earlier
necessitating demanding review of the Clause restricting the liability to
a meagre 20% of the SA.

Patients under dialysis or Cancer patients have a shortened life and need
regular medication to survive. Their pain and agony, life oozing out bit by
bit; with family members
courageously putting up a support system knowing fully that the disease is
not curable but treatable only to some extent - we can only feel their pain.

The cost of treatment for diseases under these categories is exhorbitant.
Medical expenses for a patient on dialysis ( twice a week ) comes to almost
3000/-3500 per dialysis.
Whereas in the case of Chemotherapy, if the patient is advised 6 to 8 cycles
of the same, then the cost of medicines only is somewhere 8000/- to 10000/-
per cycle if he/she is
taking treatment from a Hospital like PGI. If we add the charges incurred in
a private hospital, we can well imagine the cost of treatment.

We fail to understand as to why this restrictionof 20% has been imposed.
I am sure you will please consider the issue dispassionately and take up the
same in a an appropriate way so
that in such traumatic cases atleast genuine financial medical assistance,
to the extent of total sum assured, is not denied under one pretext or the

I am forwarding a copy of this mail to Sh.P.N. Srivastava, Kanpur also

With regards,

Yours sincerely,


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AIRIEF Suggestions to Ministry of Pensions & PWelfare

Mon, 9 August, 2010 10:35:18 AM

AIRIEF Suggestions to Ministry of Pensions & PWelfare

Dear Director,

Memorandum F41/14/2010-P&PW(Coord) dt 12 ,July,2010

1)At the outset, we thank you for eliciting our views & suggestions on the proposed finalization of the Strategic Plan for next 5 years under Result Framework Document .This needs more time to be given to stakeholders and a mere one week may be very insufficient. We are sure you will process all suggestions received till the end of August ,2010.

2)Ours is also a duly registered All India Retired Insurance Employees Federation,(AIRIEF) functioning from Dec 1996.It is essential such Memorandums are outlined in brief ,even in newspapers ,soliciting views on certain matters from Pensioners’ Federations & other Associations. We are not able to see detailed release of Personnel Management System (PMS) & the outlining of Objectives, Plans, and Policies & Projects in the website referred to by you. You have also mentioned about the Success Indicators you are formulating to implement the schemes with fullest devotion & dedication to all pensioners’ fraternity in relation to Action Plan envisaged earlier.In fact, Success Indicators, when circulated, will lead to a sense of optimism & rekindles hope to solve pending issues with a missionary zeal within stipulated Deadlines.

3)While determining the Outcome of any Action Plan to be followed up is laudable, it is essential to formulate in clear-cut terms the main objective on behalf of pensioners, the present situation obtaining therein, the grievances narrated , the response mechanism instituted, the face to face grievance procedure machinery functioning, whether periodicity is adequate, whether it functions in a democratic manner, if minutes are maintained, circulated, followed up, feedback given, remedial measures instituted to alleviate the problem, etc. Only then PMS as a broad Framework can succeed. Mere lip service won’t help. Enunciating high sounding goals without proper mindset or wavelength with Elders, Senior Citizens & Pensioners need different nuances of grace, empathy, values, high degree of morals & morale.

4) It will be a sound practice to evolve a YARDSTICK, based on specific DATA to be received from Organisations , say on Quarterly /Half yearly basis.
We are outlining some items of information ,which must form the basis of continuous cultivation & follow-up by your esteemed Ministry of Pensions & Pensioner Welfare .You have to be congratulated for including Welfare, not as an appendage but as a vital part of pensioners’ life & living, post-retirement with rights & dignity. Even in the Citizens Charter for Pensions in your website,though SCOVA is mentioned , we find no SCOVA meeting for Central Govt Pensioners’ Federation took place in the last 2/3 years, whereas earlier, that used to be a regular feature. How else then, one can hope for a brighter Vision, Mission and Objective announcement, as such noble announcements are immediately guillotined by the other hand, for what reason, we are unaware. Grievance Redressal Machinery is the be all & end all for Managements to ensure that pensioners are not left in the lurch; they are looked after; there will be ever so many requests & grievances; we can measure attended & unattended ; we can find out the RESPONSE TIME; we can easily assess true practices & if at all DEADLINES or TIME SCHEDULES are only in theory .Such a forward-looking step you propose to take must gather all such tendencies & normal behaviour exhibited towards pensioners & then your Result Framework Document will have some life to breathe & change the way Government or Institutions tend to deviate from normative behaviour & not to treat pensioners with a casual attitude bordering on carelessness, indifference, insensitivity & disdain, uncalled for in an egalitarian & democratic society.

5) Towards this end, parameters & data can flow like this, to test Govt or Institution’s true intentions on the touchstone of real issues being resolved amicably. You can evolve one or circulate to us for amendments & suggestions giving 20 days time for a neutral & impartial Questionnaire to be generated, pooling such ideas.

i)Name of Organisation :
ii)Total No of Employees :
iii) No of pensioners as at 1/4/2009:
---Do----------- -as at 1/4/2010
iv)Total Wage Bill as at 31/3/2009:
----Do-----------as at 31/3/2010
v)Pension Bill as at 31/3/2009:
----do---------as at 31/3/2010

vi) NPS from which Date:
vii) Apart from Basic Pay,DA,HRA,CCA,
ANY Extra allowances given to Employees:
(Mention them & amounts spent) as at 31/3/2008:
----Do ---------------------------------as at 31/3/2009
-----Do---------------------------------as at 31/3/2010
viii) Any Incentive Scheme for Employees
(Mention name, amount spent) as at 31/3/2009:
-----do---------------------------- as at 31/3/2010:

ix) Names of Pensioners Federations in your organization :

x) Do u have Consultative Committee to meet & process grievances etc?
If not, reasons?

xi)Have you computerized all data relating to Pensioners ? :
xii) Are you able to release ALL Statements of Pensioners? :
on time for further action, eg Age, Commutation Restoration date etc
xiii) How much time you take to process death information :
& grant Family Pension?
xiv) Have you taken precautions to include Nominee wherever needed?
to avoid harassment to widows/claimants
xv) Are ALL pensioners covered under MediClaim Scheme? :
State the Numbers

xvi) What are the facilities you have granted for Employees?
which are not given to Pensioners ? :

xvii) Are you sending Circulars affecting Pensioners to Central/Zonal/Divisional
Pensioners’ Federation for their information? :
xviii) Do you have specific Pensioners Magazine from Corporate/Zonal Offices?
xix)Do you celebrate World Elders Day?
Do you call Pensioners for any meetings? :
xx)Have you arranged any pensioners meet for education on Health,Diet,Yoga etc?

xxi) How do you act upon Resolutions passed & sent to you?
after EC/GC meet of Pensioners’ Federations? :

xxii) Do you issue Identity Cards to pensioners? :
xxiii)Have you released ZO/DO wise Pensioners Directory with
full information? :
xxiv) What are the types of requests, complaints and grievances you have received from Pensioners in the last 3 years? :

xxv)Do you discuss Pensioners data,problems,complaints in OS Conferences to sensitise

6) While the replies to the above may give the general direction of treatment to pensioners ,sensitivity etc, more broader issues are relevant ,now, like

a)widening anomalies & discrepancies ,after wage revision, pension revision not taken up at all for years & decades,
b)vast disparities amongst Govt/Orgns/ Insurance/Service Sector etc in the quantum of pension. Here too, some parameters have to be evolved so that some sense of uniformity will emerge, within a range of 5-10 % & not more
c)Value-added % of Basic Pension at ages 80,85,90,95,100 for Central Govt pensioners must be made applicable to all types of pensioners
d)The spate of activities,suggestions, Idea Bank that is evolving with active ,committed, dedicated All India Sr Citizens’Confederation & other agencies must be given the attention it deserves to cure many ills afflicting Sr Citizens & Pensioners & critical issues outlined therein for the emergence of a New NPOP—National Policy on Older Persons must have sharp focus with deadlines to be followed scrupulously, with responsibility & accountability.

7) National Litigation Policy is announced on 23 June, 2010.The directions must be implemented in letter & spirit.It is mentioned that where a Court has delivered a judgement in favour of pensioners, no appeal lies , especially when it covers Retiral/Pensionary benefits. Your Ministry would have done yeoman service,if it scans all such cases & issue Directives to Respective Institutions to honour the verdict & withdraw appeals,if filed contrary to such sacred provisions

8)Your futuristic thinking is to be appreciated.You desire to evolve a proper Roadmap to plot pensioners problems, grievances, protect them, promote their welfare.This you aim to do with an Action Plan under Results Framework Document(RFD).Please inform us the outcome of the many suggestions you receive.These suggestions & ideas are well-intentioned & must form the bedrock for the emergence of a sound plan with appropriate strategies to feel the pulse & impulse of pensioners, who, in the twilight zone of their lives count on your Esteemed Ministry for quicker resolution of all outstanding problems & the variegated issues submitted to you with modesty & humility .

Yours faithfully,
098403 40591

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The Creation and Formation of RIEA, Madurai

Below is extract from the e-mail of Shri R.B.Kishore, VP, AIRIEF

1)We had a marathon, long but wonderful & useful meeting,in the company of Sri G.V.S.Mani,Vice-President,RIEA,Chennai & Past SecretaryGeneral,National Fedn of Field Workers.10-30am to 6 pm is terrific with exchange of news, views, achievements of AIRIEF,pending problems & Strategy, plan of action at Madurai & a cordial atmosphere of camaraderie & friendship

2)Glad it ended in the creation & formation of RIEA,Madurai under the auspices of AIRIEF

3)Sure, U will pursue alongwith ur dedicated colleagues, the enrolment of maximum members,which will be positive proof of its strength & vigour

4)All of U wld have known & realised the devotion & commitment with which AIRIEF pursued many many issues & problems & also ensured sound solutions ,of immense benefit to pensioners fraternity. We listed them.It was not easy to achieve,as pensioners are in the last item of agenda of management & Govt too.

5)We are entering an important phase of Pensioners lives.Jaipur Judgement is historic in many ways.For the 1st time pension upgradation & ending discrimination with 100 % DR is spelt out in clear & unambiguous terms

Let us all pray that good things shd happen, better & happier times must dawn for pensioners

6)Thanx for the hospitality, a pretty,quality,homely lunch ,really so fine & tasty with variety

7)We had good ,divine darshan of Madurai Meenakshi.Puja & Sahsranam inculcated virtues of worship & nearness to God.May the Almighty shower blessings on all of us,penioners, families & rekindle their lives ,with a smile on their face & a sprighliness in their footsteps

8)11 members were present in the morning session & as 2 had to go for some important work,the rest continued ,with entries in Register for attendance, passing of Resolutions, christening of RIEA,etc
S/Sri B.Angurajan,P.Subramanian,V.Chockalingam,M.P.Subramanian,P.V.Kumar,V.Karunaianandam,E.Gopalakrishnan, S.Kulandaisamy,PuvanendraPandian.D.Devaraj were present in the afternoon.
Tel Nos of S/Sri B.Angurajan 094433 81571,M.P.Subramanian 094427 83944   V.Chockkalingam  094420 45454  who were elected as Coordinators & full details of additional membership, Office Bearers are forthcoming shortly.

9)Sri Angurajan immediately responds to all emails & all are suffused with the real work being done for pensioners welfare.they were very thankful for the 3/4 subsidy in mediclaim premium. 
ambigaangurajan is Sri B.Angurajan's email id
They want LIC to allow members who, because of very high premium went out of the scheme, to be reinducted with new reduced premium.

10)They profusely thanked S/Sri GVS.Mani & R.B.Kishore for the pains taken to come to Madurai ,making the long session so alive & aware & herald a New Chapter, RIEA,MADURAI

Monday, July 5, 2010


A  Report of the “PENSIONERS’ MEET "  received from Shri  A.BALASUBRAMANYA. 


A Meeting of all the Retirees of Mysore Division of LIC was convened by Sri A.N.Murthy at 10 AM on Sunday, the 13th June 2010, in the Conference Hall of Hotel Airlines, Chamarajapuram, Mysore.

This was in pursuance of the decision taken by the South-Central Zonal Council in its First Meeting held at Hyderabad on the 22nd June 2008, in the presence of Sri S.K.Shukla and Sri V.C.Jain, President and General Secretary of AIRIEF respectively. The Meeting was organised by Sri N.Narayana, Joint Secretary, AIRIEF, and Sri A.Balasubramanya, EC Member, with the active support of S/Sri A.N.Murthy, G.Krishnaswamy, SSLN Simha, G.Parthasarathy, S.Anantharam, B.G.Balaji & others.

Sri A.N.Murthy briefed the well-attended gathering about the circumstances in which the Retired LIC Employees Association, Mysore Division, was driven to become dormant and commended the initiative taken by the South-Central Zonal Council to activate the Unit.

Addressing the assembly Sri N.Narayana, Joint Secretary, AIRIEF, spoke about the role of AIRIEF in achieving benefits like Index-linked Pension, Ex-Gratia for the Pre-1986 Retirees, Cash Award in lieu of Gold Coin, Ex-Gratia for Spouses of  deceased Pre-1986 Retirees, 75% Subsidy in the Medi-Claim premium for the Retiree and Spouse, etc. He exhorted the Retirees of all classes to strengthen the hands of AIRIEF by bringing all Retirees into its fold, as also financially, to wrest the other long-pending benefits.

Sri A.Balasubramanya, EC Member, apprised the House about the issues involved in the Jaipur judgement and its implications, as also the status of the Writ Petitions before the other High Courts.

Sri N.Sundaramurthy, Joint Secretary, AILICEF, explained the present position in regard to the Wage Talks and the issues like Updation & Upgradation of Pension, Subsidy in Medi-Claim premium, Assistance in case of High Cost Treatment & LTC benefit to Pensioners taken up by AILICEF.

Sri HVLN Achar mooted the proposal to form an independent Association to provide a common platform for the Retirees of Mysore Division, and as a First Step to appoint an ad-hoc Committee to start with. The House unanimously approved the proposal and decided to name the Unit as " LIC PENSIONERS' WELFARE ASSOCIATION ", with the following constituents :-

                  S/Sri  A.N.Murthy              -   President
                          G.Parthasarathy        -   Secretary
                          K.R.Ramanna            -   Treasurer
                          HVLN Achar              -   Joint Treasurer
                          P.Ramachandra Potti  -   Member
                          S.R.Shirahatti           -     -do-
                          S.Seetharamaiah       -     -do-
                          M.V.Rajan                -     -do-
                          Shivananjaiah           -     -do-

Sri SSLN Simha, speaking on behalf of the in-service friends greeted the new OUTFIT on the occasion and pledged all support to nurture it.

SIX of those present enrolled themselves as LIFE MEMBERS on the spot and a sum of Rs. 8254/- was collected by way of donation, Sri M.N.Mahadevappa being the STAR DONOR with his contribution of Rs. 2001/-.

The Meeting concluded with a Vote of Thanks proposed by Sri G.Krishnaswamy,  followed by Lunch.

                                                              REPORT : A.BALASUBRAMANYA

With warm regards,


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The AGM of Rajkot Unit was held on 20-06-2010. New Executive Committee was selected for the year 2010-12.  Full Report - Read

Thursday, July 1, 2010


The AGM of Ahmedabad Unit was held on 13-06-2010. New Executive Committee was selected for 2010-12.


Regd. No. GUJ/6079/AHD

President – Shri B.C.Rathod
Vice President – Shri R.B.Dodia
Vice President – Shri P.M.Suthar
Gen. Secretary – Shri G.T.Parikh
Org. Sec. – Shri M.M.Shaikh
Jt. Sec. – Shri H.T.Oza
Jt. Sec. – Shri J.P.Raval
Treasurer – Shri S.H.Bhatt
Int. Auditor – Shri P.R.Parikh

E.C.Memberes :

01. Shri H.C.Mehat
02. Shri J.S.Gandhi
03. Shri N.H.Patel (Vijapur)
04. Shri L.G.Desai
05. Smt. K.B.Teli
06. Shri A.J.Mehta
07. Shri V.R.Dabhi
08. Shri K.V.Shukla
09. Shri A.J.Thakkar
10. Shri S.H.Patel
11. Shri B.C.Shah
12. Shri D.B.Pandya (Himatnagar)
13. Shri D.D.Rathod
14. Shri Y.M.Buch
15. Shri M.J.Yagnik
16. Shri U.G.Anjaria
17. Shri D.J.Mehta
18. Shri M.C.Pathak
19. Smt. Arunaben Soni
20. Shri M.A.Trivedi
21. Shri D.B.Shah
22. Shri V.R.Patel (Himatnagar)
23. Shri Samirbhai Dholakia
24. Shri K.N.Mehta
25. Shri K.N.Acharya (Vijapur)
26.Shri Ambalal Patel (Visnagar)
27. Shri P.V.Vithlani
28. Shri A.I.Shah
29. Shri G.P.Lalwani (Mehsana)
30. Shri H.S.Bhavsar (Mehsana)